A collection of the ghost stories in haunted towns and cities.

The Haunted Inunaki Village in Japan

The urban legend of Inunaki Village in Japan is about a forgotten village of villagers refusing to conform to the Japanese constitution. They would do everything to protect themselves from the outside world, even killing the ones that trespasses.

Ghosts of Mary King’s Close

Scratching sounds from the chimney, plague victims left for dead and floating heads, the haunted underground of alleyways known as Mary King’s Close haunts under the city. 

The Ghost of Khar Khot, The Black City in the Gobi Desert

Hidden by sand in the Gobi desert for centuries, the abandoned city of Khar Khot is still haunted by the ghosts of the inhabitants that didn’t manage to escape. 

Fengdu Ghost City

The Fengdu Ghost City in China is steeped with the paranormal and cultural afterlife as well as being a big tourist attraction. Weird?

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