A collection of the haunted ghost stories, urban legends, folktales and the paranormal from Spain.

The Haunting Ghost of the Nun at the University of Castile-La Mancha

At the University of Castile-La Mancha, a chilling secret lies hidden. Brace yourself for a hair-raising encounter with the ghostly nun that has been haunting the halls of this historic institution for centuries. 

The Old Maternity Hospital Haunts the Building of Cordoba University

What used to be an old maternity hospital in Spain turned into a faculty of Cordoba University. Both staff working there as well as their students talk about it being haunted by the grieving mothers that lost their life in childbirth. 

The Haunted Orphanage Complejo de la Misericordia

A school and orphanage housing children in need called Complejo de la Misericordia is deemed to be haunted. This school in Spain is said to be haunted by the ghost of the children that lived there and had their life ending too soon inside of the school building. 

The School of Witchcraft in Barcelona

In the narrow street of Carrer de la Neu de Sant Cugat in Barcelona it is said that there was once a renowned school of witchcraft. Its existence is disputed, but the legends of the strange things that still linger in the street are still talked about today.

The Chief Executioner at Plaza Nueva 

In his old workplace at Plaza Nueva, there is the ghost of an old executioner that is said to still walk over the plaza in Granada, Spain. It is said he is still dressed in his garb, as he is on his way to one of the executions for a day’s work. 

The Ghost under the Lamp Post at Plaça del Comerç

Wandering under the decorative lamp post at the Plaça del Comerç in Barcelona, people have seen what seems to be a ghost walking over the plaza, seemingly at the same time each time. Who is this ghost still wandering, and what happened at this plaza?

The Alchemist House on Carrer D’Estruc in Barcelona

On a narrow street in the heart of Barcelona you will find the remains of the Alchemist House on Carrer D’Estruc. It used to belong to a renowned alchemist named Astruc Sacanera. Centuries after the alchemist left, people claim strange stuff happens around the house. Could it be haunted?

The Strange Disappearances on the Cursed Inn at Carrer de Flor de Lliri

In an old inn in the Carrer de Flor de Lliri in Barcelona, people talk about visitors disappearing in the dead of the night without any leads. What happened to them? Did they just leave the city? Or are they still wandering the streets as ghosts as they never even survived their first night?

The Murder on The Archbishop on the Haunted Calle de Montcada

In the supposed haunted street in Barcelona, Calle de Montcada, people still talk about the ghost of the Archbishop who was killed there centuries ago and his murderer who is haunting the street to this day. 

The Sad Ghost Girl at Plaza Real in Barcelona

Nestled in the heart of the city, Plaza Real in Barcelona has long been shrouded in mystery, captivating locals and tourists alike with its dark allure in the Gothic Quarter close to La Rambla in Barcelona. From ghostly apparitions from a sad ghost wandering, this is a place where the past seamlessly merges with the…

Haunting of the Executed at Plaza Mayor of Madrid

Cirilo, el fantasma ajusticiado que vaga por la Plaza Mayor de Madrid

Plaza Mayor de Madrid – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libreregbu.com –

The Haunting Santuario de la Virgen de Balma in the Mountain Rocks

Up in the mountain there is a sanctuary carved out from the rocks. The Sanctuary of the Virgin of Balma has had strange legends from the start, from a place where the Virgin Mary showed herself, a place for exorcisms and a strange witch cult. 

The Devil’s Monastery in Carmona

The ruins of Huerta de San José Monastery in Carmona, Seville were once thought to be haunted by demons and the devil himself. After a horrible tragedy that ended in the death of all the monks, the place has been known as The Devil’s Monastery or the Monastery from Hell. 

The Chanting Monks Haunting La Boquería Marked

Every year it is said that a procession of ghost monks are haunting La Boquería market in Barcelona. They are still mad about how the monks that lived in the monastery that were there behaved, and the story is that it ended bloody. 

The Closed Door of the Ghost Town of Ochate

There is something strange going on in the ghost town of Ochate. Tucked away in the Basque countryside, the abandoned town has been the center of murder mysteries, unexplained disappearances and strange lights, sounds and sightings were there isn’t supposed to be any. 

The Haunted Town and Tragedy of Belchite

One of the most famous haunted towns in Spain is definitely Belchite. During the Spanish Civil War the prospering town got caught up in the battles and were left in ruins and as a warning from Franco what happened to those opposed to his regime. Today, it is said that the villagers still haunt the…

The Ghosts that Drove the Villagers of La Cornudilla out of Town

Deep in the Valencian mountains in Spain you will find the abandoned town La Cornudilla. According to the rumors, the villagers were haunted for years and it was so intense they decided to leave it completely. Today, the ghost town have nothing but ghosts living there. 

The Ghost Town of La Mussara in Spain

In the foggy mountains in northern Spain you find the abandoned town of La Mussara. It is said that people have disappeared into the fog, perhaps been transported to another place as well as hearing ringing from the empty belltower. 

The Ghost Girl on the Curve at Jafre

Right outside of the abandoned town of Jafra in Spain there are tales about a ghost girl haunting the place called the Ghost Girl on the Curve. After she was chased from the house by her father she was never seen again until she started to appear in front of lost hikers, helping them find…

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