The haunted rumors of the haunted cemetery in Caldwell, Idaho includes everything from a female jogger to an old lady. So much so that it even draws paranormal investigators inside the graveyard. 

The cemetery is located at 2024 North Illinois Avenue in Caldwell, Idaho. Canyon Hill Cemetery is an old cemetery that dates back to the early 1800s and houses many souls as their final resting place. But some will have it that not all of the spirits resting there, are at peace. 

People have thought the cemetery haunted for a long time. Those claiming Canyon Hill Cemetery to be haunted say they can feel the temperature change suddenly, becoming colder the second you enter the cemetery. There are also rumors about a strong smell no one can explain or figure out as well as the feeling of someone following you. 


Several paranormal investigators have taken the trip to the cemetery themselves to have a look. There are especially two ghosts that most people tell of. 

The Midnight Jogger

The Midnight Jogger is a ghost story that is told to haunt Canyon Hill Cemetery. Apparently she appears when you park between the trees that are overlooking the cemetery just ahead. Maybe she appears as you drive past her, but are gone as soon as you turn to have another look.  

Some reports that she doesn’t have any legs to carry her and just floats above the ground. Some even go so far to claim she comes over to knock on the window of the car. 

The Old Lady at the Bench

The midnight Jogger is not the only restless spirit that is supposedly lingering at Canyon Hill Cemetery. Apparently there are also rumors about an old lady who only sits on the bench late at night, not saying anything. According to those who have claimed  to see here they looked away for just a second just to find her gone when looking back. 


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Haunting at Canyon Hill Cemetery in Caldwell

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