Killed because of love, the would be bride now walks in the Castello district of Venice, missing her ring finger and her loved one. 

In Campo St. Piero in Castello area of Venice, there is a young woman dressed as a bride walking up and down the streets. It is nothing novel about a bride in Venice as it is quite the romantic place, but for this particular bride you need to take a closer look at something other than her beautiful dress. 

The bride walking the streets in Campo St. Piero is missing a finger, which according to legend was cut off before the wedding. This bride is known as Tosca, once a beautiful but poor girl from Treviso. She was engaged to marry a very wealthy nobleman who was much older than her. It wasn’t love, it was safety. 

She fell in love though, but not with her betrothed. It was with a young hunter and together they escaped to Venice to live out their love. But the love they had, would not last, as the nobleman followed them there and ended it all. 

Toscas betrhothed killed her lover and cut off her finger, swearing that if he couldn’t have her, then no one could. But he could never have her either as she died shortly after. 

On the 22nd of September in 1379 in Campo St. Piero, she took her own life to escape her loveless marriage. But she would never leave Venice, as she came back as a ghost to haunt the place were she tought she would be free to live with her lover. 

Coincidentally, it was her ring finger as well and she is looking for her ring finger, still dressed, walking up and down the Castello district as a bride she never got the chance to become.


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