Few castles capture the European medieval feeling as Eltz Castle does. The long lasting Eltz family has always watched over the place, and even in death, there is an ax wielding countess in full armor, haunting the place. 

Steeped in history and mystery, Germany’s old castles are some of the most fascinating pieces of architecture in existence. These majestic fortresses are stories in themselves, filled with centuries-old legends and ghost stories. From dark fairy tales about princesses and knights to hidden passages and hidden rooms – these castles have something to captivate even the most jaded spirit! Every stone tells a tale of intrigue, from ancient battles to wicked plots. Without a doubt, a tour through Germany’s haunted old castles will leave you with an experience unlike any other.

The Eltz castle is definitely on that type of list and is a medieval castle on the top above the Moselle river in the Rhineland, west in Germany. The castle has belonged to the House of Eltz who have lived there since the 1100s and is one of the few castles that have never been destroyed and rebuilt. 

The armory and treasury in the Eltz Castle is considered to be one of the most important collections of its kind in Europe, and holds so much history. The castle is also said to hold more than one ghost, but the most well known of them is that of Countess Agnes of Eltz. 

The Countess Agnes

Agnes was the daughter of the 15th count of the Eltz Castle at the time. She was said to have been a beautiful girl and was promised to be the wife to the knight of Braunsberg. They had been engaged since they were children, and the time for a proper wedding and marriage were approaching. However, the Countess didn’t like her betrothed at all as he was a ruthless and mean man and far from a chivalry knight as they are often painted to be in fairytales. 

On the day of their engagement, they held an engagement party for the two families to come together. The knight of Braunsberg turned out to be even more despicable now as the marriage was more than just a distant future and Agnes refused to kiss him when he went for it as she was known to have a will of her own and out of a fight if she had to. 

According to some testaments, she usually hung out with her warrior brother more than her female companions. In some reports, it is said she only refused his advances, in others, she outright slapped him back when he forced himself onto her. This threw him into a rage and he declared a war on the entire family to repay for him being embarrassed in that manner. 

The Revenge of the Eltz

A few months passed, some say a whole year as the knight of Braunsberg waited, planned and came back for his revenge. And he returned to Eltz Castle with an army. He managed to lure the count and his knights out of the castle into an open battle, and some say he waited until the Count of Eltz went out hunting. 

Agnes remained in the castle together with only some servants, just as the knight of Braunsberg had planned. Alone in the castle the single Countess would be an easy target for the knight and his men. 

As he advanced with his soldiers to the Eltz Castle, he was one step closer to Agnes. The knight of Braunsberg had planned to take Agnes back with force, but had never anticipated that she would fight back the way she did. Just as she had done at the engagement party, she chose to hold her ground, but this time with an battle ax.  

She put on her brother’s armor and picked up weapons together with her servants. Together they fought side by side against the attackers. She is said to have had a battle-axe she wielded against her enemies. 

An arrow from the knight hit her and she died from the wound almost immediately. The servants who had loyally fought by her side were enraged and defeated the knight, killing him and ending the attack. 

The Ghost of the Countess 

The bravery and steadfastness of the Countess is said to represent the Eltz family and their 800 years of history in the Eltz Castle. The ghost of Agnes is said to still linger inside of the castle. In her former room , the breastplate still hangs on the wall, with the hole from the arrow still visible. Her battle-axe also remained, protecting herself from the horrible knight to this day. 

She can be seen by the entrance of the Eltz Castle to this day, still wearing her suit of armor. It is also said that a phantom horseman is also riding outside of the gates, and the knight of Braunsberg is still seeking forgiveness for what he did. 

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