The B215 otherwise known as Bundesstraße 215 is a stretch of roads that are haunted in Germany. It has more deadly accidents than other roads in the country according to the stories, and is also haunted by a Woman in White. 

Germany is famous for its comfortable long stretches of highway that cuts through the country in no time. There are some roads though who have a rather dark reputation surrounding the dark concrete. 

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The B215 is a road in Germany where they say strange things happen. The federal highway runs between Hanover and Hamburg in Lower Saxony. It is an old road and the stretch between Nienurg and Verden was built already in 1849. 

Supposedly it has more accidents than any other road in Germany, and in particular close to the city of Verden, they are supposedly more dangerous to drive than other places in the country.  

The White Lady Along the Road

There are also stories about a white lady that can be spotted along the Bundesstraße 215. Stories about these White Women are plentiful in Germany and they have long standing in ghost stories. In German legends and folklore the stories of the Weiße Frauen, meaning White Women used to be a name meant to the elven-spirits and the stories of the light elves from pagan times. Today she is known for haunting old castles, families and other places where women died full of regret. 

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This particular Lady in White is someone you can see out of the corner of your eyes along the haunted Bundesstraße 215 when you are driving down Bundesstraße 215 in the dark. She is said to appear between 2 and 3 am in the night if you are driving too fast. It is unsure if she is a warning to the reckless drivers or if she is the one behind causing the accidents. 

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