A collection of the ghost stories on haunted roads.

The Ghost Children at Mang Gui Kiu Bridge 

After a terrible flooding accident on the Mang Gui Kiu Bridge in Hong Kong, there have been several reports about drivers and passerby seeing ashen faced ghost children waving at them, hoping that someone will finally get them out from the place

The Dark and Haunted Towers of Zvíkov Castle

The beautiful Zvíkov Castle in the Czech Republic is thought to be haunted by a demonic imp that resides inside of the old castle towers as well as a residence Lady in White and a hellhound guarding a secret entrance. 

The Haunted Seven Sisters Road at Tsat Tsz Mui

A long time ago, there were seven sisters that made a pact to die together in Tsat Tsz Mui, Hong Kong. And according to legend, there were also reports of them haunting swimmers from the depth of the sea.

The Haunted Road of Bundesstraße 215

The B215 otherwise known as Bundesstraße 215 is a stretch of roads that are haunted in Germany. It has more deadly accidents than other roads in the country according to the stories, and is also haunted by a Woman in White. 

The Ghost Town of La Mussara in Spain

In the foggy mountains in northern Spain you find the abandoned town of La Mussara. It is said that people have disappeared into the fog, perhaps been transported to another place as well as hearing ringing from the empty belltower. 

The Hitchhiking Woman in White in Palavas-les-Flots

Explore Palavas-les-Flots, the haunted coastal city of France and learn about its mysterious supernatural phenomena of the ghost of a hitchhiking woman in white.

Ghost of Nan Tuck Haunting the English Countryside

The Ghost of Nan Tuck is the haunted legend about an accused witch from England still haunting the woods; she, according to legend, was killed by the villagers chasing her down. Now she is haunting the place she was killed on.

The Jayuro Road Ghost

On a big and foggy highway north of Seoul, there is an urban legend of a ghost known as the Jayuro Ghost along the road, looking like she has a pair of sunglasses on in the dark.  The Jayu Motorway, or simply Freedom Road is a big highway in South Korea connecting Seoul to Gyeonggi…

The Ghost Bride at the Devil’s Curve

On a road known as the Devil’s Curve in Colombia, the ghost of a bride has been reported on the road since the 70’s, asking passing cars for a ride. 

La Descarnada of the Highway

On the highway in El Salvador, be vary of who you stop for along the way. Especially beautiful women that asks for a ride to a nearby place. It might very well be the vengeful spirit of La Descarnada.

The River Road Bridge Ghost

In the night at The River Road Bridge in Idaho you can hear the sound of a splash without having dropped anything in the river. Stories about the ghost of a woman that hanged herself from the bridge keeps haunting the place. 

The Legend of La Sayona

On the Venezuelan plains, the vengeful ghost of La Sayona hunts down cheating men that don’t get from it alive. She is cursed to make her revenge on them after she murdered her whole family.

The Highwayman Robbed of his Life

Now a peaceful place for a road trip, it was once a hot spot for highwaymen and a dangerous place to travel. Sometimes, it was also dangerous for the robbers. 

The Running Lady of Beeford

A ghost haunts the roads of small English village. She is known as the Running Lady and according to legend, known for causing accidents.

Huaka’i Pō – The Night Marchers of Hawaii

When the moon peak out after the long and sunny days in Hawaii, there are things to beware in the dark like the Huaka’i Pō. The Hawaiian Night Marchers is legend told for a long time, and will continue to be so.

The Vanishing Hitchhiker

The Vanishing Hitchhiker is a well known urban legend throughout the world. Here is a Moonmausoleum original writings based on the Urban Legend – The Vanishing Hitchhiker

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