On a road known as the Devil’s Curve in Colombia, the ghost of a bride has been reported on the road since the 70’s, asking passing cars for a ride. 

On the road can be a dangerous place to be, especially at night, during bad weather and at high speed. Especially when there are rumors about a ghost roaming the road that are asking you to take them with you.  

Since the 1970s, there have been reports about something that looks like the ghost all dressed in white on what is known as The Devil’s Curve or La Curva del Diablo in Puerto Colombia, a coastal town and municipality in Colombia. 

There are many tales about ghosts that asks for a ride, disoriented and alone alongside the roads.

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The Ghost Bride at La Curva del Diablo has later been dubbed as the ghost bride as many have thought it looks like she is wearing a white wedding dress. 

She is said to be asking for a ride of the cars passing by this dangerous road. If they refused, they would later see her sitting in the back of the vehicle, even if they didn’t let her in. 

If they did let her into the car, several reports of her sitting in the backseat crying are told, but when the driver turned to check on her, she disappeared, leaving the seat wet. In some versions she smiled and left a sickening smell of rotting flowers in the air before disappearing. 

The buses passing by also report a woman that is signaling them to stop. One taxi driver named Hugo Rangel told a story of meeting her in 1993. He was scared as he knew of the ghost bride. She was covered in dirt and looked terrible. 

This tale of a female hitchhiking is a very common ghost story throughout the world. The urban legend of The Vanishing Hitchhiker comes in many variations. Considering just how many die a sudden and tragic death on the roads, there might be some truth to some of them?

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