A magnificent and stately manor to look at, one of Ireland’s finer ones of the Hook peninsula of County Wexford. This area is a famous site in Irish history, known as the place “where Ireland was lost and won”. The coastline offers a beach a day for a fortnight and is one of the special attractions of this area. Pretty fishing villages and bird watching on the mudflats of Bannow Estuary.

Loftus Hall looms over the surrounding landscape of the Hook Peninsula
A Windy Place: The House has been withstanding the test of times, even in a weathered place like it was built on.

A little aside from the shore, from the village and from people, a Hall stands. Weathered, sure, but still in all its glory a moldy, ancient place inhabits. It stands alone in the austere and rather bleak landscape. But a dark legends hangs over the old house, and it has done so, for quite some time. Rumors about the devil that roams the ground.

The manor was built in the 1350’s, also known for being the time of the Black Death Plague, taking the lives of so many in Ireland. It was built by the Redmond family to replace their castle. Back then it was known as Redmond Hall.

The Hall has always attracted the eyes of the darker and more sinister stories, especially since the legends started to cross the sea that lies so dark and rough just ahead. It even featured as the plays were they shot the horror movie, The Lodgers.

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The Lodgers

The Lodgers from 2017 is an Irish Gothic horror film by David Turpin and Brian O’Malley. It stars Charlotte Vega, Bill Milner and Eugene Simon. If you like eerily dark and hauntingly beautiful movies like The Others or newer one like Crimson Peak, The Lodgers will be an obvious next escape to a haunted house…

The Legend

In the mid 1700s, Charels Tottenham became Lord of the manor by marrying Anne Loftus. They had six children, one of them, was also called Anne. And this is her story. Her and the devil himself.

According to the legend, on a dark and stormy night, a mysterious stranger came to the house on horseback. He went straight to the hall, asking for shelter, claiming that his ship ran ashore in the rough sea. The Tottenham family, who lived there at the time, invited him in.

Loftus Hall Bannister
Inside: The movie, The Lodgers is worth watching just to catch glimpse of the interior of the was giving me a tour of the three-storey, 22-bedroom Palladian mansion.

The young daughter, Lady Anne Tottenham met this stranger, and instantly took a liking to him. And he to her. And soon they became very close. In some accounts, they even became lovers.

On one particular evening, she played cards with the mysterious visitor. In the game, each player received 3 cards apart from Anne who was only dealt 2 by the mystery man. A butler serving the Tottenham family at the table was just about to question the man when Anne bent down to pick another card from the floor which she must have dropped. She bent over to pick them up. That is when she noticed the strange surrounding the man. The man had no feet of that of a man. They were cloven hooves. Beelzebub, the devil himself.

Anne screams at the sight of the man she thought she knew. As soon as the man noticed Anne’s look on her face, he disappeared, shooting himself through the roof of the halls, in a ball of flames.

Anne herself never recovered. Some say her family was so ashamed of her that they locked her away in her favorite room, the tapestry room. She didn’t want anything to eat or drink, only staring out her window, across the sea to where Dunmore east is today, waiting for her mysterious stranger to return. Others say she locked herself in the room, wanting to feel safe.

She died in the very room in 1775. When she died, they could not straighten her body, and she had to be buried in the same sitting position she died in. Some claims she stills walks the corridors in her ghostly form.

The Paranormal Reports

Now, that is one hell of a story. And a pretty crazy one at that. But the reports of strange encounters and supposed evidence of the paranormal still keeps coming, even after all this time. Especially since it was opened to the public in 2012. And this is why some say that Loftus Hall is Ireland’s most haunted place.

There are stuff though, that are without a question just very creepy. Like when during a renovation of the house years later in recent times, the skeleton of an infant was discovered in the walls. What the story behind this could be, only the dead knows.

One of the supposed evidence of paranormal happenings in the manor comes from a nice summer of 2014, when Thomas Beavis made a trip to the scenic place. When he looked through his pictures from his holiday he was shocked.

In the background there is a ghostly outline, most likely of a young girl or woman, looking out the windows of the hall. Could it just be a reflection of the tourist walking outside? Or could it be something more eerie. Could it be Anne?

Throughout the years, the hall has been a lot. A castle, a convent, a school and under attack. Today it remains as a tourist attraction. A dark one at that, embracing its history and people travelling from all over the world to take part in paranormal investigations following Ghost Adventures with Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin and Nick Groff. But know, in the summer of 2020, the Hall will once again close its doors for visitors. And the answers we seek will maybe never be answered.


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