Hauntings at the Penkaet Castle in Scotland

The Penkaet Castle in Scotland has its fair share of hauntings and is the home of not only one ghost, but several with its story of witchcraft, murder and royalty. 

The Myths and Legends of Frankenstein Castle

The historic building of Frankenstein Castle is now mostly in ruins, but is still a place for myths and legends to live on and inspire new horror.  On a stoney hilltop amidst the dark forest there at the spurs of the low mountain range of Odenwald in Germany is an old medieval castle called Frankenstein…

The Dark and Haunted Towers of Zvíkov Castle

The beautiful Zvíkov Castle in the Czech Republic is thought to be haunted by a demonic imp that resides inside of the old castle towers as well as a residence Lady in White and a hellhound guarding a secret entrance. 

The Haunted Dungeon at Rosenkrantz Tower

The Rosenkrantz Tower in Bergen Norway is one of the oldest buildings still standing and was once the house for kings. Today it is used as a museum and perhaps they also have some of the oldest ghosts still lingering in the dungeon. 

The November Ghost in Château de Bonaguil

Explore the breathtaking Château de Bonaguil in south-western France. Take a journey through history as you uncover this majestic 12th century fortified castle where a Woman in White is said to haunt the castle every November. 

The All Saint Day Hauntings at Château de Blandy-les-Tours

Step back in time and visit the historic Château de Blandy-les-Tours which is said to be one of the many haunted castles in France. It is said that the castle is especially busy on All Saint Day were the dead are walking the halls.

The Banshee Curse Haunting Duckett’s Grove

After a young girl lost her life on the estate of Duckett’s Grove, her grieving mother cast a curse on the Duckett family. Now, the Banshee haunting the place can be heard shrieking in the dark, warning about tragedy and death for those that hear her. 

The Mysterious Ghosts Newton House by Dinefwr Castle 

Delve deep into the mysteries of the castle of Dinefwr and discover its haunted ghosts. The castle grounds are said to be haunted by both a loyal butler as well as a murdered lady in white that tried to escape a loveless marriage.

The Haunting of Belvelly Castle

At Belvelly Castle in Ireland, the ghosts haunting it, all met a tragic end. It is said that the unfortunate singer is heard singing out in the night, and the ghost of the faceless woman is said to haunt the castle after she refused a man, turned mad and died. 

Agnes Sampson — The Wise Wife of Keith

The story of the ghost of Agnes Sampson, known as The Wise Wife of Keith in Scotland is a story where a simple midwife was accused of witchcraft so powerful she caused a storm trying to kill her own queen.  Agnes Sampson was a Scottish healer and a purported witch. Sampson was born in the…

Unraveling the Mysteries of the Haunted Château de Châteaubriant

Step into an ancient castle filled with darkness and stories that will send shivers up your spine of murder and ghosts. Inside the old Château de Châteaubriant there are tales of ghost processions on October 16.

The Colorful Ghosts at Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle keeps the dramatic events of Scotland’s history as it stands firmly on the castle hill. Just beware of seeing ghosts in all colors, whether it is the Lady in Green, the Pink Ghost Lady or The Woman in Black. 

Palazzo Ca’Dario – The Cursed Palace in Venice

Along the Grand Canal in Venice there is this gothic palace called Palazzo Ca’Dario. For centuries the owners have met an unfortunate end and today it is most known as the most cursed palace in Venice.

The Headless Ghost of the Lady in White at Corfe Castle

Haunted by ghosts and other supernatural creatures, Corfe Castle has been the source of many spine-tingling tales and in the night the light of the Will-o’-the-wisp flicker as the ghost roams the ruins.  

The Ghost Crowds of Leap Castle

In the Leap Castle in Ireland, the ruthless clan O’Carroll left a trail of blood. Many of their victims came back as ghosts, haunting the halls of the castle. As well as a mysterious spirit known as The Elemental, that might have been there since druid times. 

Lady Janet Douglas, Ghost of Glamis Castle

Lady Janet Douglas is said to haunt the Glamis Castle in Scotland after being burned at the stake after being entangled in court politics and being an enemy of the King.  Glamis Castle is said to have inspired one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, Macbeth, a play so haunted you are not supposed to say…

The White Lady of Burg Wolfsegg

In the old gothic castle of Burg Wolfsegg in Germany, there is a local castle legend about a White Lady haunting the place. The ghost is supposedly of one of the Countess living there who was murdered by her husband.  

The Warrior Countess Ghost of Eltz Castle

Few castles capture the European medieval feeling as Eltz Castle does. The long lasting Eltz family has always watched over the place, and even in death, there is an ax wielding countess in full armor, haunting the place. 

The Secrets of Beijing’s Haunted Forbidden City

The Forbidden City in Beijing still has some parts that are off limits for tourists, but they can never block the path to the alleged ghosts that are said to linger. These Imperial Palaces are said to be haunted by former concubines, and according to legend, possibly cursed as well.

The Headless Ghost of Reichenstein Castle

Reichenstein Castle is also known as Falkenburg, standing on a mountain spur in the Rhine Valley. For a long time it was under the domain of a long line of robber knights that plundered everything and everyone. And the last of the robber knights are said to haunt the place as a headless ghost.

Nazi Soldiers Haunting Château Lagorce in France

Travel back in time and explore the history of Château Lagorce, a beautiful castle located in France. Learn about its fascinating past and uncover the secrets behind its walls!  

The Soldier Ghosts Haunting the Iconic Château de Chambord 

Get to know one of the most iconic castles in France – Château de Chambord. The grand castle is, according to legend, designed by Leonardo da Vinci himself. And it is also said that the castle is haunted by the souls of the soldiers of the Franco-Prussian War.

The Lady in Green Haunting Château de Brissac

The tragic story of Château de Brissac and the murder of Charlotte de Brézé is a haunting one, but not a rare one as it houses the ghost of a woman murdered by her own husband and is forced to remain as a ghost.

The Lost Castle of Hollerwiese

The story of the lost castle of Hollerwiese on Mariahilfberg Hill is still a mystery to this day. It is said that the ghosts of those living in the castle are still seen on the meadow where the castle once stood.  East of the city of Amberg in Bavarian Germany, there is a forest-covered ridge,…

The Time Travelling Ghost Haunting Château de Versailles

Château de Versailles in France is known for being the peak of decadence, royalty and luxury. But it is also known for being one of the more haunted places in France, and even has a potential time traveling story.

The Buried Alive Ghosts of Château de Trécesson in the Enchanted Forest

Château de Trécesson, the ancient castle in Brittany has more than one ghost haunting the place. Perhaps it’s not too strange to be haunted by the mysterious Dames Blanches when the location of the castle is in an enchanted forest.

Ghost Stories from Greoux-les-Bains and the Château des Templiers

Discover spooky tales and legendary ghost stories from Greoux-les-Bains, France. Tales from the haunted castle of the knight templar are said to be plentiful and the entire historic town is rumored to be haunted.

The Haunted Château de Commarque

Tales of longing linger within Chateau de Commarque’s ancient ruins and tell of a ghost wandering among them from a legend sounding like a Romeo and Juliette story. However, this ghost is said not to be a human

Haunted Nights in the Château des Fougeret

Dive into the world of French castles and explore the Château des Fougeret which host paranormal evenings and nights in their supposedly haunted rooms. Each room has its own story with its own ghosts rattling the doorknobs, moving objects across the room and keeping a watchful eye on the guests sleeping.

The Legend of the Ghost in the Louvre Museum

Find out about the Red Man haunting the gardens that has reportedly been seen by visitors to Louvre Museum since before its opening and many strange and haunting rumors started to unfold from this world famous museum. But how many of them are actually rooted in other than fiction and fear?

Unveiling the Dark History of the Tower of London and its Ghosts 

Uncover the hidden shadows of England’s majestic Tower of London, home to stories of more than one ghost haunting the rooms, the hallways and the prison cells from many dark parts of England’s history.

The Ghosts Of the Haunted Himeji Castle In Japan

Explore the supernatural stories of Japan’s Magnificent Haunted Himeji Fortress and find out why this iconic castle is said to be haunted by both monsters and tragic ghosts.

The Red Man haunting the Jardin Tuileries in Paris

In the beautiful Gardens of Tuileries outside of the Louvre in Paris there is sometimes spotted a Red Man. This is thought to be the ghost of Jean l’Ecorcheur, an assassin to Catherine de Medici who ended up being assassinated himself.

The Lady in White in Zitadelle Spandau

An old fortress of protection turned into a prison of a mistress who died and started haunting Zitadelle Spandau where she met her end. And the ghost of the mistress Anna Sydow are said to haunt both the place and the family who caused her death. 

Edinburgh Castle Ghosts and Legends

Witches, dragons and ghosts, Edinburgh castle are said to have it all. The sound of bagpipe and drummers can be heard without anyone playing, and those accused for witchcraft as well as prisoners of wars are said to haunt the old castle.

The Finnish Maiden of Olavinlinna Castle

Buried alive inside the castle walls, the Finnish Maiden immured still haunts this medieval building of Olavinlinna Castle. 

Azzurrina of Romagna

On the night of the solstice, the sound of a little girl is echoes through the old castle. A little girl with blue hair.

The Ghost that Designed Iulia Hasdeu Castle

Through the power of spiritualism, the bereaved father built a castle designed by the ghost of his dead daughter. And today, the Iulia Hasdeu Castle still stands as a mysterious and haunted place. 

O-shizu, Hitobashira — The Human Sacrifice of Maruoka Castle

Chosen as Hitobashira, a human sacrifice to ensure the construction of Maruoka Castle, O-shizu were promised a bright future for her children. But when the promise were not honoured, her ghost came back to haunt the castle grounds.

A Haunting in Malaysia — Kinarut Mansion  

Malayan ghost lore is deep and it is ancient. And something leaves more questions than answers. Such is the case of the mysterious Kinarut mansion in Sabah and what became of it. 

The Mistletoe Bough – The Bride in the Chest

The Legend of the Mistletoe Bough or the Mistletoe Bride is a ghost tale that many big houses claim as their own. Bramshill House is one of them, and the story of the dead bride haunts the already haunted place. 

A Royal Haunting at Christmas

Every Christmas, the royal ghost of Anne Boleyn is said to visit her childhood home as a spirit.

The Mantelgeist of the Fortress

Because of the cold winter with no food, people starved to death, even inside the castle walls. And ever since then, the ghost of the queens chambermaid still haunts the castle, known as the Mantelgeist.

The Prisoner of Château de Puymartin

After a husband caught his cheating wife, the punishment for her lasted into the afterlife. 

The Haunting of The Blue Lady at Verdala Palace

The mysterious legend about the Blue Lady in Verdala Palace from Malta is shrouded in questions. What happened? Who is she? Will she ever find peace?

Loftus Hall – Ireland’s most haunted

A little aside from the shore, from the village and from people, a Hall stands. Weathered, sure, but still in all its glory a moldy, ancient place inhabits. Ireland’s most haunted place stands alone in the austere and rather bleak landscape.

The Evil Bishop Against the Maiden in Love – The Ghost of Haapsalu Castle

The white lady of Haapsalu castle is one of the most well known ghost stories in Estonia. It tells the story of young love, torn apart by religion and an evil bishop.

The Malcanis Guarding the Fortress

In Akershus Fortress in Oslo, Norway, there are rumours about something strange haunting the former castle. There is a legend of a ghost of a dog haunting the place, called the Malcanis, or Evil Dog as it means.

Bærums Verk — Most Haunted Village in Norway

In an old iron foundry settlement, the once upon the time leader cannot find any rest in death.

Banchō Sarayashiki — the Ghost of Okiku

The tale of Banchō Sarayashiki (番町皿屋敷, The Dish Mansion at Banchō) is a well known Japanese ghost story (kaidan). It was popularized in the kabuki theater tradition, and lives on in popular culture and folklore alike.

Onryō — the Vengeful Japanese Spirit

In many cultures, ghosts are put in different categories. Such is the case with Onryō (怨霊 onryō,) It basically means “vengeful spirit” or “wrathful spirit” in Japanese and is a mythological spirit of vengeance from Japanese folklore. They also have ghosts, called yurei, but these differ in the will of the ghost. As opposed to…

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall is probably one of the most iconic ghost pictures out there. But what is the story behind it? And who is that ghostly figure?

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