Tales of longing linger within Chateau de Commarque’s ancient ruins and tell of a ghost wandering among them from a legend sounding like a Romeo and Juliet story. However, this ghost is said not to be a human

Lurking among the breathtaking vineyards and cobblestone streets of southwestern France, Chateau de Commarque stands starkly against the fading horizon on a rocky hill. 

Its defensive towers still stand tall despite its age, but it has also silently become a land steeped in mystery – many believe it to be haunted by ancient terrors, while others seek to unravel its mysteries. 

Château de Commarque history

Château de Commarque has a long and storied history. It was first built by the Lords of Commarque in the 12th century built to protect the nearby abbey. But the castle expanded and the wooden towers were built into stone and was a strategic place during the Hundred Year War, where it was taken by the English which held the castle for many years.

Château de Commarque was in and out of the hands of the Beynac family who were essential to the ghost story the castle had. The Beynac family were once again robbed of the castle during the French Wars of Religion in the 1500s because they were a protestant family and partisans.

The Castle was later abandoned in the 18th century as many castles were during that time in the midst of all the revolutions going on. 

Unearth the Castle’s Dark History

With centuries of mystery and events shrouding the Château de Commarque’s walls, it has become more than just another ruin. Its dark past reveals that, over the years, it has been home to numerous secrets – some more macabre than others. 

There is even a prehistoric cave underneath the cliff supporting the Château de Commarque ruins. The cave had around 150 drawings etched into the stone from a man made some 15 000 years ago that wasn’t discovered before 1915. 

From stories of ghostly figures appearing in the now ruins of the former castle to tales of lost souls and torture chambers hidden beneath the castle grounds, there are many stories left untouched as we uncover what truly lies within.

The Horse Haunting the Ruins

The most famed legend told about Château de Commarque is almost like a Romeo and Juliet story of star crossed lovers who were pitted together because of their family’s feud. It is even said that those witnessing the ghost have died under strange circumstances. 

The legend is about the daughter of the Count of Commarque living there at the time. He and the Baron of Beynac were fighting about territory, and his daughter ended up falling in love with the son of her rival family.

The Count of Commarque did not approve of this match at all and ended up putting the young man and his enemy in prison in the dungeons of the castle. He had to be there in the darkness alone for a couple of months until they had him beheaded. 

It isn’t the daughter haunting the ruins of Château de Commarque though, in search of her lost lover who her father killed. It isn’t even said to be the young man who died because of his father and his rival’s battle. It is his horse. The loyal and loving horse once belonging to the man is said to wander in the ruins of the Château de Commarque in search of his former master. 

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