Travel back in time and explore the history of Château Lagorce, a beautiful castle located in France. Learn about its fascinating past and uncover the secrets behind its walls!  

Nestled among the rolling French countryside lies Château Lagorce, a magnificent castle with centuries of history of wine-filled Bordeaux. 

But even though the wine party never ends in the beautiful French countryside, there are also those that claim that the place is a haunted one. And this particular Château is said to be haunted by the Nazi soldier that took camp in the Château during World War II. So sip the fresh wine and let’s have a look at this haunted castle.

The History of Château Lagorce

The story of the former castle turned Château is riddled with wars and blood and the history remembers. During the 14th, 15th as well as the 16th century it was embroiled in feudal wars of who the castle belonged to and it traded families and names constantly. 

The building used to be more prepared for war with tall and thick towers and a protective moat surrounding it. 

The structure of Château Lagorce has changed many times as it was destroyed many times before being rebuilt. After the French Revolution the property was in a very bad shape and sold to a wine producer and produced red wine and Sauvignon Blanc. 

In 2003 a thorough restoration of the castle began by the Holmes family to get back to its once great glory. They now run it as a hotel.

Sauvignon Blanc Wine Country

Château Lagorce is located in the historic wine making region of Sauvignon Blanc, renowned for its production of the world’s finest white wines. As far back as the 15th century, this magnificent location has been celebrated for producing high quality wines. 

Records show that the sauvignon blanc vineyards surrounding Château Lagorce have produced exceptional vintages every year since 1409 and this is the reason why people now seek out this place. But during World War II however, the Germans occupied the castle and it is said that their ghosts are still haunting the castle.

Ghosts of Soldiers from World War II

One of the most haunting stories related to Château Lagorce is the legend of the spirits of soldiers from World War II who perished in battle nearby. During World War II the Germans occupied the building and made it into a Nazi post where they housed mostly prominent generals.

People claim to have heard voices screaming “Fight!” and locals say that these ghostly figures haunt the chateau’s winding paths, appearing at dusk and disappearing as quickly as they appeared. 

When ghost hunters visited the place they experienced a lot of disturbances with their gear and one of the investigators even experienced the feeling of being pinned down to her bed, something that more than one guest has claimed. 

Also words like “This is mine”, “Get out” and the name “Pierre” have been called out in the dark belonging to no one. 

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