At the The Waldniel Hostert School, a former school and Nazi Institute bears a tragic story and the ghosts of so many of the mentally disabled children that were murdered during the War. 

Kent School, or as it was known back in the day, The Waldniel Institute was a school with a tragic backstory and is said to have left a haunted expression on the building. 

When The Waldniel Hostert School was operating as a secondary school for children of military personnel it was a boarding school as well as a day school. The school was open from 1963 to 1986 and one of several schools operated by the Service Children’s Education organization, catering to the children of the British Armed Forces. 

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At its peak The Waldniel Hostert School housed over 6000 students at one point. The gothic appearance of the school made the British nicknamed Colditz after the war camp in East Germany. 

From the students there were rumors about what had happened here before, as it was the site where the Nazis murdered countless of mentally disabled children as a part of their racial purification program. 

And among the rumors, they started talking about seeing and hearing those unfortunate children in the form of ghosts, still lingering within the compound of their old school.

The Horror School

Before The Waldniel Hostert School was a school it was a monastery operated by monks since the 14th century. 

The school was first a Franciscan priory called St. Josefsheim was built in 1913 by the Order of the Franciscans of the Holy Cross. Here they housed mentally handicapped children and around 600 mentally and physically disabled people lived in the monastery. 

In 1937, it closed its doors and the last of the brothers left the house on 23rd May, and it would no longer be the safe haven for the disabled as it had been up to then.

From then on the The Waldniel Hostert School was operated by the Nazis. They called it The Waldniel Institute. The nationalists had a different philosophy about whose life was worth anything than the Franciscan monks had, and the mentally handicapped were far down on that list. 

In 1939 there was a law that every disabled newborn had to be reported to the government. And during the war they put a race purification program to rid themselves of these children. The program ended up killing more than 200 000 people and St Josefsheim, now The Waldniel Institute, was not spared.

The Waldniel Institute was a place that was part of their child euthanasia programme and at least 30 children were murdered within its walls, and more than 500 patients were reported dying. The rest of the over 1000 people living there were transported to other institutions where many of them met their death as well.  

After the war, the building was given back to the brotherhood, but they sold it to the Allies as they no longer could operate as they had used to. 

The Waldniel Hostert School After the War

The Allies took over the country and The Waldniel Institute where these horrific crimes had been committed. They removed the traces of the program and turned it into a secondary school for their children that would end up being Kent School. 

While they renovated the school they uncovered human remains of the patients who had died and were killed when the Nazis ran their institute. 

There are many stories about the haunted stuff happening at the school. They say the children are heard weeping from the corridors where they wander restlessly, fearful of the horrendous end they met with. 

At the The Waldniel Hostert School, a former school and Nazi Institute bears a tragic story and the ghosts of so many of the mentally disabled children that were murdered during the War. 

At the end of the Cold War The Waldniel Hostert School closed its door for good in 1993 and handed the building back to the German authorities.

Today The Waldniel Hostert School is privately owned, but abandoned. 

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