Discover the creepy secrets hidden in the shadows of the St. Augustine Lighthouse! Uncover the truth about paranormal activity and ghost stories around this haunted location.

Have you ever felt a chill run down your spine while touring the St. Augustine Lighthouse? Explore its haunted history, find out what visitors have seen, and hear tales of ghosts, mysterious wet footprints around the keeper’s house, and strange occurrences that remain unexplained!

History of the St. Augustine Lighthouse

The current lighthouse is on Anastasia Island in Florida and was built between 1871 and 1874, but a lighthouse has been there long before that. Even as far as 1565, the place was used both for the Spanish and British government to guide their way through the waters with lit pyres. 

The St. Augustine Lighthouse has a long history, with reports of paranormal activity dating back to the 1800s. It is rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of three former lighthouse keepers and their families, who lived and worked in the area during its heyday. 

Visitors have reported numerous strange occurrences, including eerie shadows in dark corners, doors that open and close on their own, and even disembodied voices murmuring in the night!

Stories and Sightings of Paranormal Activity

Stories of paranormal activity at the St. Augustine Lighthouse have persisted for centuries. It is said that spirits of the former lighthouse keepers wander its halls, restless and cranky. 

Visitors to the lighthouse have shared stories of hearing unexplained footsteps and disembodied voices, seeing strange lights and shadows moving around in the darkness, feeling an oppressive presence overpowering them, and even being able to peer into otherworldly realms!

The Ghosts of the Pittee Girls

Some of the ghosts that are said to haunt the lighthouse are the spirits of the Pittee Girls. On July 10th, 1873 there were four girls. Three of them Mary of 15, Eliza of13 and Carrie of 4 were sisters and daughters of the superintendent of the Lighthouse Construction. The last one was an unknown African-American girl who was 10 and her father may have also been working on the site. 

Discover the creepy secrets hidden in the shadows of the St. Augustine Lighthouse! Uncover the truth about paranormal activity and ghost stories around this haunted location.
The Pittee Girls: The two elders of the Pittee Girls along with an unnamed friend drowned when they were playing close to the lighthouse construction site. It is said that they are haunting t. Augustine Lighthouse to this day.

They were in a railway cart used for moving supplies and playing in it like it was a rollercoaster. One fateful day however the cart went into the water and trapped the girls under it. A worker on the site, Mr Dan Sessions saw it and tried to save them. But it was too late, and everyone but the youngest drowned. 

After this, a lot of the paranormal activity that people say they experience are attributed to these girls like giggling in the night and the apparition of young girls running around in Victorian clothing. People that rented the keeper’s house have told that they have woken up in the middle of the night and a small girl has been standing by their bed before disappearing. 

The Haunted Basement

In 1970 the keeper’s house had been empty for years. One day it burned down under mysterious circumstances and only the basement was left from the original building when they renovated it. 

During the renovation, the workers reported about strange stuff happening around the house meant to house the keeper at St. Augustine Lighthouse, especially down in the basement. 

Investigating and Documenting Ghostly Phenomena

For those brave enough to venture into the eerie depths of the St. Augustine Lighthouse, Paranormal Investigation teams have provided detailed reports on their experiences and findings while exploring the ghostly phenomena at the location. Many investigators use digital recorders, cameras and other devices to capture evidence of paranormal activity. 

Evidence gathered can include detailed investigations into potential hauntings, recording video footage of unexplainable activity, or utilizing scientific techniques such as electromagnetic field (EMF) readings or voice analysis to uncover potentially supernatural occurrences. But can these be trusted as hard evidence?

Tales of paranormal activity around the St. Augustine Lighthouse are deep and wide. Reports of sightings here range from experiences with ghosts and strange noises in the night and although there is no concrete evidence of supernatural beings in the area as yet, visitors who have braved its depths never forget their eerie experience!

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Ghost Stories: The Pittee Girls – St Augustine Light House

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