Dressed impeccably in a fancy dress and high heels, this vengeful spirit known as La Taconuda haunts the roads and old haciendas of Nicaragua to get revenge on those who took her beauty.

This Nicaraguan legend tells the story of a young woman that was very beautiful, tall with thin and long hair. It is told that she was dressed fabulous in a nice dress with high heels. According to some sources, her name was Ana, but she is today remembered as La Taconuda.

She was the daughter of a Creole Spaniard named Sanches owning all the haciendas to Masaya. After her father died, she inherited everything as she was his only daughter. After this she lived alone except for her male suitors that visited and gifted her beautiful things.

One day, two men that had grown tired of her indifference to them barged into her home and smashed her mauled her face with broken glass bottles.

Ana survived the attack, continued to dress well, but cried every time she looked at herself in the mirror, feeling ugly and defeated, wishing she could get her revenge.

It is many variations as to how she became a vengeful spirit of La Taconuda after she died. Perhaps she finally felt powerful to take revenge of those who attacked her? I some variations she made a pact with the devil to restore her beauty in exchange of giving him a new soul of a man every weekend.

Today you can still spot La Taconuda, often along the road, or out in the coffee plantations, often you can hear it by the clicking of her heels. She looks fine from a distance, but if you come close enough, you will see that she is nothing but a skeleton with the means to kill you.


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