From the spooky alps to the cold Swedish forests, the European horror TV-series is slowly taking its space among the detectives and social realism drama series. Although the formula of a person coming back to a small village is massively prominent, it’s like the European TV community is coming back to its root, with Europe as a hella haunted and spooky continent. These are some of the more horror based TV shows (excluding the UK) that has come out from Europe.

Marianne (France)

The series was dropped in 2019 with thirteen episodes but was cancelled after one season. How much we are supposed to lean into that Marianne is the personification of the French Republic is unclear, but it is however certain that Marianne the series has been a staple series for French production on Netflix. The plot revolves around a young writer, Emma who writes horror novels. But then she realizes that her characters in her books also exists in the real world when she goes back to her hometown.


Curon (Italy)

This Italian series is about a woman that returns to the small village she is from in northern Italy. There is something strange going on in the lake near the village and something start to appear from it. With her she also brings her two twin children. But upon her return the hauntings that made her leave in the first place starts coming back. The series was also set in the real iconic place Curon were the submerge village in the lake is an actual thing.


Ares (Netherland)

In this creepy series, we follow a student in Amsterdam that joins a secret society. The society has been around since the Dutch Golden Age, but demands more than many are willing to give. And the student must decide how far she is willing to go to enter the fine society.


Dark (German)

Not a pure horror series, but a fine mix of sci-fi, drama, mystery, time travel and philosophical debate, this German series will take you on a trip. And unlike many other international dramas on Netflix, this series ended on its own terms with a full circle and fulfilling three season run. The premise of the series is the disappearance of children in the forest. And it all escalates when the police man’s son, Mikkel, is one of those who goes missing. And a journey through time and space begins for more than one in the small German village.


Jordskott (Sweden)

Seven years after her daughter’s disappearance, a detective returns home to look for clues as a current case seems similar. The daughter was believed drowned as she vanished by the lake and the body never recovered. But now, more and more children start disappearing and the cases gets more and more unexplainable. And when Nordic Noir detective drama meets old Nordic folklore, the drama unfolds getting stranger and more sinister by each episode.


The Returned (France)

This French series from 2012 inspired many spin offs after its released. It is actually based on a movie from 2004 which in turn have a lot of similarities from the Brazilian Novel “Incidente em Antares”, by Eric Verissimo. The series is set in a French town way up in the mountains. It’s a small place were everyone knows everyone. Suddenly the dead stars coming back like they never died, not remembering anything. And the remaining people in the town must face the consequences of their past as well as their present.


Black Spot (France)

Another series set in the moody mountain areas of France, this series takes a more bloody and gory turn. A police chief teams up with the eccentric prosecutor who is new to this isolated town named Villefranche, a town without any mobile reception. Together they investigate what mysteries and crimes is happening in the forest.


The Kingdom (Denmark)

From the mind of Lars von Trier, this Danish series is a loopy trip one can expect from a director like this. It is set in the most technologically advanced hospital in Denmark. However, strange stuff keeps happening to the staff and patients. Like the phantom ambulance that comes every night, voices in the elevator belonging to no one, and the pregnancy of a doctor that is happening way to fast. All and more is challenging the staffs belief in that there is nothing more than pure science.


Post Mortem: No One Dies In Skarnes (Norway)

This slow burn horror is set in the Norwegian countryside with a vampiric twist. A man is struggling to keep his funeral home business alive. It is bad business that no one seems to die in this small place. He is super happy when he gets a call that a woman finally died, but have mixed feelings when he finds out the dead woman is his sister. And everyone is confused when she comes back to life, but with a blood thirst. But can this thirst for human blood actually be the solution to save the family business?


Bloodride (Norway)

Another Norwegian entry on the list is the bonker anthology series from 2020. A group of passengers on a bus share their twisted and macabre story one by one. Together with their separate stories, they are heading to an unknown destination with the phantom bus in the night.


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