A collection of the haunted ghost stories, urban legends, folktales and the paranormal of Canada.

The Creepy History of The Haunted Old Spaghetti Factory

Take a journey through the macabre and spooky history of The Haunted Old Spaghetti Factory in Vancouver, a family restaurant where you get a ghost story served with your meal. 

Ghost Tales from Keg Mansion in Canada

Explore the mysterious tales from Keg Mansion in Toronto, Canada – a place made famous by its history of ghostly hauntings where a maid that hung herself as well as a ghost child willing to play with your children.

The Mysterious Haunted History of the Fairmont Chateau Laurier in Ottawa

Take a closer look at the paranormal activity linked to Ottawa’s iconic Fairmont Chateau Laurier and the unique stories told about its hauntings.  For 100 years, the legendary Fairmont Chateau Laurier has been the site of strange and unexplained occurrences behind its Tiffany stained glass windows. The old hotel with over 400 rooms is said…

Ghost Stories of Canada’s Infamous Haunted Hotel – The Fairmont Banff Springs 

Canada’s iconic Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel is known for its legendary haunted stories about the tragic end of a bride to be and a helpful staff, even after their deaths. 

Mandy the Haunted Doll

Known as Canada’s most haunted object, the antique doll that follows the museums visitors with her glass eyes and cries in the night.  

Ruby the Haunted Doll

This porcelain doll named Ruby will give the people playing with her an instant sorrow and sense of sickness, just by holding her. Family legend has it that the doll is haunted by a little girl that died with Ruby in her arms.

The Chaleur Phantom – The Burning Ghost Ship in Chaleur Bay

Ghost light over the Chaleur Bay in Quebec has spurned many ghost stories about a burning ship that still haunts the water. From Portugues enslavers to indigenous curses, the Chaleur Phantom covers it all.

The Ghost Ship SS Valencia

Rowing in the lifeboats of the wrecked ship SS Valencia, the skeleton remains of the passengers that died are doomed to row the sea for eternity. 

The Hauntings of the Chute de la Dame Blanche

Chute de la Dame Blanche or the White Lady Waterfall is a legend of a grieving bride to be in the midst of the battle of Canada.

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