Dark Dreams Books is a small indie publisher. We mainly focus on the sci-fi, horror and weird tales out there.

The newest book from Dark Dreams Books

From the spaced out writer, Aurora Talis, comes a spaced out novel. This year, Dark Dreams Books have the honor of presenting Strange Stars.

Strange Stars

A small book about the little things, you know—like inter-dimensional space travel, UFOs and how to make a decent cup of coffee. Also, the more simpler questions like do ghosts exist? Are we all alone in this universe? What is the meaning in life and what the hell do you do with it, will of course be answered.

A girl, let’s call here Anna Smith—a lie, but oh well, that is the name she goes by for the night—is just riding her car, minding her own business, running away from some stuff, ya know: Everyday occurrences. Checking into the Deserted Inn however, will not give her the good night sleeps she’s paying for. There she meets the penniless photographer, Sam, claiming her name is something else and constantly hinting to know more than anyone else—really annoying. This guy—that majored in philosophy, poor guy—needs her help finding his brother. And as the night progress, the motel pool overflows with lies, the numbered rooms closes and the stars keep their secrets. But under them, those sparkling nightly glow, Anna will happen to run into a coincidental meeting with fate.


Chapter one: Tiny Specks of Stardust

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