The Haunting Ghost of the Nun at the University of Castile-La Mancha

At the University of Castile-La Mancha, a chilling secret lies hidden. Brace yourself for a hair-raising encounter with the ghostly nun that has been haunting the halls of this historic institution for centuries. 

The Haunting Santuario de la Virgen de Balma in the Mountain Rocks

Up in the mountain there is a sanctuary carved out from the rocks. The Sanctuary of the Virgin of Balma has had strange legends from the start, from a place where the Virgin Mary showed herself, a place for exorcisms and a strange witch cult. 

The Devil’s Monastery in Carmona

The ruins of Huerta de San José Monastery in Carmona, Seville were once thought to be haunted by demons and the devil himself. After a horrible tragedy that ended in the death of all the monks, the place has been known as The Devil’s Monastery or the Monastery from Hell. 

The Chanting Monks Haunting La Boquería Marked

Every year it is said that a procession of ghost monks are haunting La Boquería market in Barcelona. They are still mad about how the monks that lived in the monastery that were there behaved, and the story is that it ended bloody. 

The Haunted Halls of Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral 

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has been a site of intrigue and mystery for centuries— its haunted halls filled with stories that spark the imagination with ghosts on the roof and an ironworker that sold his soul to the Devil.

Wessobrunn Abbey’s Ghosts

This I found, from men, as the foremost wisdom,That neither earth there was, nor sky above;Nor tree, nor hill there was.Nor stars there were; nor shone the sun.Nor moon-light there was, nor the salty sea.Nothing there was: neither end, nor limit.And there was the One Almighty God,The mildest of men; and many were with them,Godly…

Haunting in Hardtkapelle Wielenbach

A haunted chapel known as Hardtkapelle Wielenbach can be found in the darkness of the Bavarian forest, surrounded by black hellhounds and a woman in white. This place is of the more unholy sorts.  Forests in Germany are where the darkness creeps in and where stories about ghosts and ghouls take form.  In this particular…

The Haunted and Holy Mont Saint-Michel

The tidal island of Mont Saint-Michel in France holds many secrets of the sea and is said to be haunted by both monks disturbed of their eternal rest as well as soldiers from the bloody battlefields of the Hundred Year War. 

The History and Legends of the Haunted Abbaye De Mortemer

Discover the secrets and legends of Abbaye De Mortemer, an infamous haunted abbey in rural France. Explore its haunting history from Dames Blanches, ghost monks, werewolves and a goblin cat guarding a treasure.

The Ghost Monks at Lyseklosteret

In the ruins of Lyse Abbey there are rumors about the ghost monks haunting the ruins as well as a white lady roaming the roads around it.  Lyse Abbey or Lyseklosteret is a former cistercian monastery that was built in Os, right outside of Bergen in Norway. There are only ruins of it today, as…

Joan of Arc Haunting the Basilique du Bois-Chenu

Explore the mysterious Basilique du Bois-Chenu, a church dedicated to the French national hero and saint Joan of Arc, where rumor has it is haunted by her spirit.

The Lost City of Dode

In the heart of the British countryside, the past of the plague, death and history haunts the desecrated church. But amid the mystery of the paranormal and pagan ley lines, the once cursed site has found back to being sacred. 

Ghost of the Cathedral — The Bloody Monk in Nidarosdomen

From medieval times, history and bloody memories lingers in one of the only and longest standing cathedrals in Norway.

28th of December – The Original Friday 13th

On the Christian Calendar, apparently the 28th of December is the most unluckiest day on the calendar. The day was remembered as a sort of Friday the 13th. after a massacre of innocent children happened. This is the story of Childermass.

The Haunting of The House of Hohenzollern

The noble family of Hohenzollern of Germany has been haunted for centuries. The White Lady follows them, wherever they go. Who is she? And what does she want with the life of the nobles?

The Evil Bishop Against the Maiden in Love – The Ghost of Haapsalu Castle

The white lady of Haapsalu castle is one of the most well known ghost stories in Estonia. It tells the story of young love, torn apart by religion and an evil bishop.

Dracula and Ghost Nuns in Whitby Abbey

The gothic haunting of the small town of Whitby is said to be by the old Whitby Abbey were the ghost of a nun is haunting the ruins. Whitby was also a place Bram Stoker used for a setting for Dracula’s arrival to England.

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