Explore the mysterious history of Parc Montsouris. This beautiful park looks nice during the day, but at night it is said the park is haunted by a headless ghost. 

Take a stroll through the lush greenery in Parc Montsouris, one of the most beautiful parks in Paris and follow the Meridian line of Paris that is passing through the park. Rumor has it that strange events and hauntings seemed to bring life to this place, and explore the stories and legends behind some of its most bizarre occurrences.

Parc Montsouris is located in the 14th arrondissement of Paris and has a rich history spanning centuries. It is one of the four large urban public parks in Paris and has wide sloping lawns, a lake and even a meteorology station. When they started building the park, they had to remove over 800 from the tunnels as the area was a part of the catacombs of Paris. 

Legends and Hauntings

Parc Montsouris is an eerily beautiful park that boasts a variety of interesting legends, tales, and spooky stories. People claim to have heard strange sounds and seen unusual shadows, while other visitors may have even seen the ghosts of long-deceased inhabitants in their midst among the trees. Furthermore, it is said that the occasional apparition can be seen lurking in the shadows of nearby buildings or at night near the lake. Whatever you believe, one thing is undeniable: Parc Montsouris is certainly a park with a mysterious history worth uncovering.

One legend that is told about the place was that on the official opening day, there was one working there who messed up and accidentally drained the artificial lake in a single day. The park engineer was so distraught that he committed suicide. 

Althogh we have written proof that the lake indeed was drained one day in 1878, there is not really a record of a suicide. 

The History of the Guillotine 

Perhaps the most notorious piece of Parc Montsouris’ history is the guillotine, which was most known to be the preferred way to execute criminals during the French Revolution. According to a legend, this was the place that they first started testing the murder weapon and supposedly the victims of the guillotine are said to return to this place.   

It is said that some visitors have heard eerie echoes that bring to mind the sound of a blade slicing through air – a reminder of what happened here over two centuries ago. 

Some paranormal enthusiasts even claim that one can still feel the presence of lingering spirits in certain areas throughout the park, either due to residual haunting or because those powerful executions are remembered and honored by their ghostly forms.

The Murder of Isaure de Montsouris

The victims of the guillotine are not the only headless ghosts said to walk the park at night. One of the most infamous stories connected to the park revolves around a certain Isaure de Montsouris that conveniently shares the name with the park. Which is odd as the park is named after moquesouris, mouse mocker as the area was overrun by mice because of a mill that used to stand there. 

In any case, named or not, this man was, according to legend, attacked and murdered in the park by a group of bandits close to where the Bardo Palace was going to be built and burned down in the 90s. Apparently they decapitated him for good measure as well and it is said the body was ambling around before dying. 

Another version of the story was that he was a brigand living in the 9th century and was the one terrorizing travelers. In the end he was beheaded by William of Aquitaine

However, he kept close to the park in the afterlife as well, and is said to haunt the grounds to this day. 

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