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selective focus photography of flowers on top of vinyl record
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The Forbidden Song Haunting the Radio

The theme song from a horror movie turned out to be scarier than the movie itself, after the so-called forbidden song haunted the radio stations that played it. 

brown and white concrete building
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The Ghosts of Kilmainham Gaol

In the old Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin, there are still prisoners that never got out. Strange occurrences for those that have worked there, tells that the prison is haunted by the former inmates, and some of them are more dangerous than others. 

Castles of Munster: Belvelly, Cork
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The Haunting of Belvelly Castle

At Belvelly Castle in Ireland, the ghosts haunting it, all met a tragic end. It is said that the unfortunate singer is heard singing out in the night, and the ghost of the faceless woman is said to haunt the castle after she refused a man, turned mad and died.