Paranormal stories connected to witches and witchcraft.

The Drummer of Tedworth

The story of the Drummer of Tedworth has often been called the first poltergeist in England that has been reported on in writing and the mystery surrounding it stands to this day.  In March 1661 a man named John Mompesson sued a drummer called William Drury whom he meant made money under false pretenses. Drury…

The Ghosts of The Ancient Ram Inn: Exploring a Haunted History 

The Ancient Ram Inn, located in Gloucestershire, UK, is a reputedly haunted destination with witches, demons, ghosts and ghouls all gathered under the same roof. 

Agnes Sampson — The Wise Wife of Keith

The story of the ghost of Agnes Sampson, known as The Wise Wife of Keith in Scotland is a story where a simple midwife was accused of witchcraft so powerful she caused a storm trying to kill her own queen.  Agnes Sampson was a Scottish healer and a purported witch. Sampson was born in the…

The School of Witchcraft in Barcelona

In the narrow street of Carrer de la Neu de Sant Cugat in Barcelona it is said that there was once a renowned school of witchcraft. Its existence is disputed, but the legends of the strange things that still linger in the street are still talked about today.

The Haunting Santuario de la Virgen de Balma in the Mountain Rocks

Up in the mountain there is a sanctuary carved out from the rocks. The Sanctuary of the Virgin of Balma has had strange legends from the start, from a place where the Virgin Mary showed herself, a place for exorcisms and a strange witch cult. 

Black Magic at Pfaueninsel

On the beautiful island known as Pfaueninsel in Berlin, there are rumours about the soul of an alchemist doing black magic still remains.  The Pfaueninsel or Peacock Island is a little island in the River Havel In Berlin. The island is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the impressive Prussian architecture.…

Ghost of Nan Tuck Haunting the English Countryside

The Ghost of Nan Tuck is the haunted legend about an accused witch from England still haunting the woods; she, according to legend, was killed by the villagers chasing her down. Now she is haunting the place she was killed on.

The Haunted House of The Seven Gables in Salem

In the eerie mansion in Salem of The Haunted House of the Seven Gables, also known as the Turner-Ingersoll Mansion, discover what lurks in darkness and uncover secrets behind its perpetual terror.

The Haunted Black Forest of Fairy Tales

The Black Forest in Germany is known for its haunted dark fairy tales from the brothers Grimm and the magical place has more than one legend about something magical and strange happening. 

The Haunted Babenhausen Kaserne

Ghosts of nazi soldiers and witches haunt this old barracks in Hesse Germany. In the Babenhausen Kaserne there are stories about everything from soldier clad uniforms floating around as well as phone calls from a woman talking backwards. 

Edinburgh Castle Ghosts and Legends

Witches, dragons and ghosts, Edinburgh castle are said to have it all. The sound of bagpipe and drummers can be heard without anyone playing, and those accused for witchcraft as well as prisoners of wars are said to haunt the old castle.

Haunted Spirits at The Banshee Labyrinth Pub

The metal bar called the Banshee Labyrinth is located in parts of the haunted underground vaults of Edinburgh. And today the place has some haunted stories to tell as well. Everything from ghost children, accused witches, irish folklore creatures and an annoying ghost in the ladies toilet, this pub houses them all.

The Ghosts Within the South Bridge Vaults

A paranormal investigator’s dream, the South Bridge Vaults in Edinburgh have been investigated for its hauntings on many occasions and many have left with a feeling of having experienced something paranormal and ghostly in the dark. 

The Wizard of West Bow and His House of Horrors

In what is now a place of religious worship there once stood a house plagued by demonic and haunted activity. And the legend from The Wizard of West Bow and his horror house in Edinburgh. 

The Witches of the Black Diamond Mines

Guarding the old mining community, these ghosts of these two women have been dubbed witches by the locals, feared as well as revered in their lives. Who were The White Witches of the Black Diamond Mines?

The Westerfeld House — The House of The Occult

All that jazz and rock’n roll with witchcraft and satanic rituals clearly took its toll on the Victorian house. But is it still a hint of paranormal presence lingering there? Or has the restoration brought it back to its original sweet glory?

Huggin Molly – The Woman in Black of Alabama

In the small town in Alabama, a big thing is haunting the streets after the town’s children. The scary apparition of Huggin Molly is still haunting the streets.

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How the TV-series Penny Dreadful is Influenced by Old Literature

Penny Dreadful is an old term used during the nineteenth century to refer to cheap popular serial literature. Sort of like pulp fiction. It was also called penny blood, penny awful, or penny horrible. It means a story published in weekly parts, with the cost of one (old) penny. The main plot of these stories…

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