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The Strange Disappearances on the Cursed Inn at Carrer de Flor de Lliri

In an old inn in the Carrer de Flor de Lliri in Barcelona, people talk about visitors disappearing in the dead of the night without any leads. What happened to them? Did they just leave the city? Or are they still wandering the streets as ghosts as they never even survived their first night?

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The Sad Ghost Girl at Plaza Real in Barcelona

Nestled in the heart of the city, Plaza Real in Barcelona has long been shrouded in mystery, captivating locals and tourists alike with its dark allure in the Gothic Quarter close to La Rambla in Barcelona. From ghostly apparitions from a sad ghost wandering, this is a place where the past seamlessly merges with the present, leaving a lingering sense of unease in its wake. 

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The Haunted Liuyin Street in Beijing

There is not only one ghost story haunting the old Liuyin Street in Beijing. Everything from ghosts in the old imperial mansions along the street, a mysterious force in the toilets, the ghost of a hero soldier and a mysterious girl dressed in red are said to haunt this street. 

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The Devil’s Monastery in Carmona

The ruins of Huerta de San José Monastery in Carmona, Seville were once thought to be haunted by demons and the devil himself. After a horrible tragedy that ended in the death of all the monks, the place has been known as The Devil’s Monastery or the Monastery from Hell.