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railroad tracks in city
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The Braided Girl on the Train Tracks

Passed around on the school campuses, the story about the Ghost of the Braided Girl from the train tracks have been told for decades now and close to all students attending the Chinese University of Hong Kong have heard about the haunting urban legend. 

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Anime Horror Anthology Series

If you are tired of watching the reruns and reboots of the Halloween movies, take a look at what that has been coming out from Japan the last decade. Some are considered classics, some are fairly new, they should all help you get that tingly feeling of a scare. Here are five anime horror anthology series to watch this Halloween season.

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5 Movies Based on American Urban Legends

Urban Legends are more modern day ghost or horror stories. We’ve always heard it from a friend of a friend without knowing entirely who we are talking about. Some are so famous it has become a part of our horror canon like the famous ghost stories of the past, showing the story telling is not a died out genre.