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The Haunted Lui Seng Chun Building

When they tried to remodel the historical Lui Seng Chun building in Hong Kong everything went wrong and it was believed the whole process was cursed. After it was abandoned, people passing by kept seeing ghosts haunting the place.

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The Ghost of the Hello Kitty Murder

The Hello Kitty Murder Case shocked Hong Kong and the world to the core when the skull of a woman was found sewn inside of a Hello Kitty Doll. One of the participant in the torture of the victim claimed that she was haunted by her and for years after the murder, the place itself was said to be haunted.

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Haunted Spirits at The Banshee Labyrinth Pub

The metal bar called the Banshee Labyrinth is located in parts of the haunted underground vaults of Edinburgh. And today the place has some haunted stories to tell as well. Everything from ghost children, accused witches, irish folklore creatures and an annoying ghost in the ladies toilet, this pub houses them all.


Hauntings at the Idanha Hotel

The Idanha Hotel has a long story of being haunted. And even after it was renovated to apartment buildings, the stories about the misty apparition, the elevator with a will of its own, and whispering voices in the halls still happens in the building.